What Each State Has that’s Bigger than any Other State

Every state presumably has something that’s really big when compared to the other states.

There is the largest statue in New York, biggest library in the District of Columbia and hugest tree in California (those are the popular ones). You will also find many lesser known stuff such as the most giant scissors in Arizona and the biggest candy dispenser in Connecticut.

We have sifted through thousands of Guinness world records to find all those enormous things. There were many fascinating stuff that we learned and want to share with you here.

The records found includes physical objects, food, animals, collections, gatherings, competitions, lessons and other stuff.

In the following US map, we tried to add the most interesting (i.e. weird) biggest item for each state. Also, you can find the full results of our research in the table down below.

us map showing what each state has that's bigger than any other state

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The Biggest Things in Each State

Based on our comprehensive research, Below is the full list of what each state has that’s larger than in any other.

Please note that for states with a huge list like New York and Texas, we attempted to divide them up by grouping similar items in order to make the text more readable.

StateBiggest Things
Alabamamotorcycle museum / horn spread on a steer living / human image of a shield / K’NEX skeleton sculpture / Nerf blaster / Xbox console / indoor film set / cave opening / bubblegum bubble blown / oak leaf / quince
Alaskamaar / active Arctic sand dunes / antlers / concentration of large mammals / phased array X-band radar / carnivore on land / mackerel fish caught in competition / broccoli / cabbage / kale / kohlrabi / turnip
ArizonaTV audience for a Super Bowl half-time performance / tattoo machine / retailer / human pi symbol / UFO convention / collection of advertising statues / object drop inertia experiment / rose bush / doughnut mosaic (logo) / display of milkshake varieties / mobile store / bingo card or ticket / TV audience for a sports broadcast (domestic) / airforce cemetery / meteor crater in the Americas / binocular telescope / collection of model aeroplanes / collection of Power Rangers memorabilia / dish washed / envelope / female parachuting formation (free-flying / head-down) / gathering of major telescopes / glove / lens / litter of goats / pair of scissors / serving of salsa / storage facility for aircraft / thong sandal race
Arkansasparade of Indian Motorcycles / collection of ice cream freezers / horn circumference on a steer ever / set of windchimes / birth twins
Californiagathering of people wearing fleece blankets / gathering of people wearing cowboy hats / gathering of people wearing tie dye / gathering of people wearing Santa hats / gathering of people dressed as dinosaurs / gathering of people wearing sombreros / gathering of Lady Gaga impersonators / parade of Subaru cars / air drum ensemble / air guitar ensemble / tamale festival / earthquake drill / ribbon dance / Time Warp dance / convention of comic book fans / marriage vow renewal ceremony (multiple venues) / simultaneous yodel

attendance at a baseball World Series match / attendance at a Super Bowl / rock festival attendance / attendance at an action sports event / attendance at a garlic festival / attendance at a baseball match

collection of autographed golf balls / collection of knives / collection of NASCAR cereal boxes / collection of wine cans / collection of Final Fantasy memorabilia / collection of model internal combustion engines / collection of LEGO Minifigures / collection of Transformers memorabilia / collection of crosses / collection of clothing labels / collection of banana-related memorabilia / collection of shoe-related items / collection of Spider-man memorabilia / collection of model motorcycles / collection of hotel keycards / collection of comic books / collection of model trains / collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia / collection of armoured vehicles / collection of books autographed / collection of Charlie’s Angels memorabilia / collection of confetti / collection of elephant-related items / collection of hedgehog-related items / collection of Morgan (motoring) memorabilia / collection of olive oil bottles / collection of rabbit related items / collection of Star Wars memorabilia / collection of wind-up toys

marbles tournament / cornhole tournament / trading card game tournament / wheelchair tennis tournament / prize for a Call of Duty tournament / prize pool for a Halo tournament / prize pool for a fighting videogame tournament / prize pool for a console eSports tournament / eSports prize pool for a StarCraft II tournament / eSports prize pool for a Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament / cash prize won in a Battlefield tournament

cut color changing Turkish diaspore / cut black sapphire / cut aquamarine / pink sapphire / uncut morganite / cut heliodor / cut topaz / helix in opal and chalcedony (lussatite) / cut baddeleyite / cut hauyne / cut rhodochrosite / cat’s eye tanzanite / cat’s eye diopside / cut serendibite / cut tanzanite / cut morganite / star enstatite / cut purple sapphire / cut ruby kyanite / cut neptunite / cut cat’s eye apatite / cut grandidierite / cut hibonite / cut musgravite / cut black opal / painite / star garnet

fine for breaching a videogame’s terms of use / videogame diorama / database of videogame features / Super Mario Maker hackathon

display of tomato varieties / taffy / container of protein powder / menudo soup / pumpkin / serving of vegan ceviche / bowl of cereal / cereal treat / cocktail / lollipop / orange / pizza / pizza base spun in one minute / serving of nachos / espresso machine / paradise cocktail / barbecue (dimensions) / blender / vine yield

game of balloon tag / game of lotería / game of capture the flag / game of dodgeball / game of red light, green light / paddle board race / water pistol fight / race series on sand / rubber chicken toss

football (soccer) lesson / skateboarding lesson / financial literacy lesson / history lesson / paddle board lesson

tree ever cut / tree burl / tree ever / tree burl ever / living tree

LEGO Star Wars sculpture / recycled plastic sculpture (supported) / magnet sculpture / candy sculpture / ice cream sculpture

solar-powered building / Major League baseball stadium / prison building complex (single building) / temporary maze / hotel lobby / road tunnel by diameter / marina

albino snake in captivity / vocabulary for a bird ever / litter of tigers born in captivity / flock of birds to invade a house / blossoming plant / albino plants / military division of marine mammals / plant genome

freefall formation (women) / no-grip wingsuit formation (FAI-approved) / skydiving formation (female) / wingsuit skydive formation

hair clippers / hard-disk platter / bow tie / crochet square / ball gravitram / bojagi / inflatable pool float / kick scooter / flute of prosecco / digital camera / water pistol / planetary rover / flying boat / plinko board / abalone pearl / athletic supporter (jock strap) / airborne telescope / conductor’s baton / permanent Monopoly board / functioning blackjack table / retractable utility knife / treadmill / tuning fork / vacuum cleaner / skateboard / car air freshener

reward for the return of a stage prop / swimming pool landlocked by area / bubblegum bubble blown with the nose / wind tunnel / drop on a rollercoaster stand-up design / cocaine seizure (DEA) / anechoic test chamber / human representation of an interactive map / space surveillance network / abandoned property auction / photographic negative / surfing paddle out / elephant’s toothpaste fountain / display of thermal pads / pattern blocks mosaic / packaged product fort / LEGO brick number / drugs haul by value / permanent 2-D map / tumor ever removed intact / Astrojax / museum budget / producer of folding bicycles / tattoo archive / computing project by distribution / astronomy project by distribution / gap between test-tube births / land-locked swimming pool / aircraft by wingspan / collage of cut out handprints / donation of sports balls in 24 hours / human letter / object lifted by helium balloons / online auction house (by users) / surfboard logo
Coloradoarea of grass mowed by a triple-disc mower in 8 hours / footgolf tournament / wolf enclosure / sculpture made from pet tags / airport conveyor belt / trap on a Venus flytrap / donation of underwear in one hour / attendance at a baseball club in one year / light drawing by UAV / airport therapy-animal programme / American football lesson / collection of washing machines / aerial firework shell / collection of unicorn related items / dog wedding ceremony / donation to a single university / gathering of people dressed as gorillas / gathering of people wearing false moustaches / off licence (liquor store) / physics lesson / telephone conference call / weighted hip thrust (male) / weight lifted by Turkish get-up in one hour (male) / weight held whilst suspended by the hair / sumo deadlift in one hour (male) / birth triplets
Connecticutorigami butterfly / collection of hippopotamus related items / mouth gape (female) / collection of hair from historical figures / candy dispenser / chalk street-art by one artist / cloned animal / display of lit menorahs / pair of googly eyes / single trading floor ever / wedding cake
District of Columbiatoilet roll tube sculpture / kickboard (swimming float) / collection of comics in a museum / allergy awareness lesson / library of law books / paper hand word / espionage museum / library / collection of postal history memorabilia (museum) / ring shout / collection of maps / silver service dinner / triathlon race / trombone ensemble / civil rights rally / aerospace museum / collection of versions of one song
Floridacollection of grey alien related items / collection of hamburger related items / collection of Skylanders memorabilia / collection of coprolites / collection of Kippah (Yarmulke) / collection of Dalmatian-related items / collection of letter openers / collection of model trucks / collection of stamps featuring eyeglasses / collection of stick horses/ display of Toy Story memorabilia/ display of monster truck toys / display of nativity sets

indie videogame convention / swimming lesson (single venue) / frog leg festival / gathering of people dressed as scientists / gathering of people dressed as Ninja Turtles / parade of golf carts / parade of food trucks / speed mixer event

volleyball tournament / videogame arcade ever / paintball tournament / Easter egg hunt / pompano fish caught in competition / sailfin catfish caught in competition / great hammerhead shark caught in competition / fish caught on fly

game of cornhole / sloth ever / advertising revenue from a Super Bowl / reusable spacecraft / fly-in community / pitcher of sangria / goat yoga class / human image of a seashell / anaglyph mural / charcuterie board / superyacht vinyl wrap / parachuting canopy formation at night / 3D-printed flag / balloon sentence / single location land transport vehicle / golf green / return of cash / door / amusement resort / tortoise (specimen) / litter of gerbils / cartoon museum / cruise terminal / landscape restoration project / aerial image of a flag formed by drones / shoes ever sold / faecal impaction (relative to body mass) / religious theme park / drive-in cinema by number of screens / mental arithmetic multiplication / guitar amplifier / tallit / ball of human hair / bird’s nest / cannolo / serving of chocolate mousse / crème brulee / cucumber plant / flotilla of airboats / game of musical statues (freeze dance) / object transported by air / parachuting canopy formation / rubber band ball
Georgiatelephone health survey system / tensegrity dome / biscuit or cookie mosaic (flag) / tattoo artwork / circular retractable roof / videogames exposition / scoreboard / collection of Batman memorabilia / collection of miniature chairs / collection of toothpaste tubes / collection of toy soldiers / Cupid Shuffle dance / plate inserted in human skull / simultaneous whoopee cushion sit / soda float / whoopee cushion / peach
Hawaiiastronomical observatory site / international naval exercise / primary mirror / serving of loco moco / earlobe flesh tunnel (male) / wave kitesurfed (male) / wave surfed paddle-in (female) / wave windsurfed (female) / active volcano / sea sponge / lens in a lighthouse (relative to size) / wave surfed paddle-in (male) / marine protected area (IUCN definition) / collection of surfboards / solar telescope / spam musubi / spoons ensemble / submillimetre telescope / infrared telescope / weight lifted by kettlebell swing in one hour (team) / porcupinefish caught in competition / hellers barracuda fish caught in competition / avocado / taro
Idahofloating golf green / toy car sentence / trick roping loop by a female / weight transferred hand to hand 100 times
Illinoiscollection of skull drinkware / collection of Pringles tubes / collection of Lobo related memorabilia / collection of leather postcards / collection of Pluto (Walt Disney) memorabilia / collection of handmade sock monkeys / collection of fishing lures / collection of finger puppets / collection of miniature skateboards / collection of ladybird (ladybug) related items / collection of salt and pepper sachets / fruit display / museum display of pin badges / display of LEGO Star Wars minifigures

attendance for a mobile videogame event / gathering of organ transplant donors / parade of Chevrolet cars / freefall event / welding lesson / basketball lesson / game of catch (baseball/softball)

barber’s pole / clogs (wooden shoes) / head-down vertical skydiving formation / toy wagon / pitchfork / fraud theft by a female / measuring cup / layered dip / pram or stroller / LEGO brick Batman symbol / playable Word Winder board / golf club / packaged food mosaic (flag) / swizzle spoon / rooftop bar / orthopedic cast / body pillow / jumble sale in one day / sewage works / stained glass / plastic storage container word / footbag circle / paper snowflake / shovel / competitive Pokémon videogame family / condiment sachet / covered wagon / gavel / golf tee / hands ever / key / library book fine paid / mailbox / mobile phone / parachute freeflying head-down formation / popcorn ball / producer of antimatter / rocking chair / sky drawing by an aircraft display team / wind chime / quark / object removed from stomach
Indianadisplay of origami bats / plane tree leaf / Rube Goldberg in competition / guitar effect pedalboard / attendance at a stadium / tightrope human pyramid / stadium (overall capacity) / collection of professional wrestling championship belts / jar of jellybeans / bath bomb / calzone / collection of books owned privately / collection of chocolate bars / collection of cookie jars / flyball tournament / gaming vessel / high heel race / parade of Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars / Zumba kids class / display of origami dogs
Iowainflatable awareness ribbon / pickleball paddle / fine for spamming / clog dance / collection of nativity sets / collection of pencils / collection of X-Men memorabilia / hokey cokey dance
Kansasgathering of people wearing holiday sweaters / wingspan for an insect / human-made crop picture / audience at a circus tent / grain elevator / collection of Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia / collection of candle holders or chambersticks / meteorology lesson
Kentuckyfull-pipe in a skatepark / collection of tooth fairy-related items / religious-themed miniature golf course / robot competition / gathering of people wearing hard hats / archery tournament / boat tie-up / pocket knife or penknife / replica baseball bat / game of Secret Santa / tape ball / water balloon fight / cantaloupe melon
Louisianaprison farm / collection of golf balls / audience at a circus performance / display of citrus fruits / litter of hamsters / heliport used commercially / fruit cobbler / serving of gumbo / afro on a living person (female) / cheese sculpture / fuel tank fire / Halloween gathering / jambalaya / king cake / voodoo doll / grapefruit
Mainerevolving globe / solid 3D-printed item / prototype polymer 3D printer / collection of umbrella sleeves / wooden sailing ship ever
Marylandtractor beam study / collection of graph paper / gathering of people dressed as Dr Seuss characters / collection of Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia / cup of cold brew tea / tilted facade for a shop / collection of videogame challenge coins / videogame map made of LEGO / medical library / kidney paired donation transplant / gathering of people dressed as wizards / crab cake
Massachusettschicken nugget / collection of peach pits / sushi roll (width) / business partnering event / collection of whale-related items / display of origami turtles / LEGO brick sentence / university library / beef wellington / doughnut cake / fortune cookie / cake pop / blended soft-serve dessert / collection of thermometers / open sandwich / stick bomb / stir-fry / toast at a single venue / wallet / water balloon toss / sumo deadlift in one minute (male)
Michiganaircraft flown under a bridge / gathering of people dressed as landmarks / municipal bankruptcy / collection of Snow White memorabilia / display of blown glass items / lightsaber battle / ball of lint / laser tag winner stays on tournament / display of origami Golden Snitches / nasal septum flesh tunnel (male) / collection of Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters items / candy cane / living roof / drive-in cinema by screen size / bean bag / copper boulder / Bible publisher / can drum ensemble / chainsaw / collection of squirrel-related items / dessert party / gathering of people dressed as Rosie the Riveter / hand-drawn maze / marriage vow renewal ceremony / sandwich / snowball / ukulele / working rifle
Minnesotafrybread / human image of a cog / K’NEX ball contraption / continuous pedestrian skyway network / doughnut wall / award ribbon rosette / database of wild animals in human care / soccer complex / handbell ensemble / study into online gaming habits / collection of KISS memorabilia / paper ball / baseball contract for a catcher / collection of cow related items / collection of jigsaw puzzles / collection of snowmen / gathering of people dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz / gathering of people with moustaches / gathering of people dressed as zombies / pillow fight / pizza base spun in three minutes / carrot / tomato
Mississippiserving of pulled pork / watermelon eating competition / twist dance
Missourihuman image of a brain / collection of casino chips / litter of cheetahs born in captivity / grilling lesson / NFL contract for a player / game of Pong / box of chocolates / chair dance / collection of keys / tuba ensemble / fair / serving of pancakes / hot dog cart / ridden parade of mules / collection of socks / chess piece / collection of salt and pepper shakers / cup (or glass) of soft drink / dog biscuit / donation of personal hygiene products / game of duck duck goose / parade of BMW motorcycles / pig birth / weight lifted by neck
Montanasnowflake / agricultural tractor / waterfall ever / festival of testicles / hamburger patty
Nebraskacollection of The Muppets memorabilia / nocturnal zoo exhibit / glazed geodesic dome / rail freight yard / cake ball / monetary charitable pledge / GPS drawing by bicycle (individual) / ice cream sandwich / annual general meeting (AGM) of a company / attendance at a women’s volleyball match / collection of stickers for bumpers / advertising poster
Nevadacollection of posters / collection of Thalia memorabilia / collection of fridge magnets / collection of shot glasses / collection of sneakers (trainers)

Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament / Street Fighter tournament / tournament for a single fighting videogame / lightspeed saber winner stays on competition / code debugging (or bug fixing) competition / pot in a poker tournament / chicken wing eating competition / pool tournament / live audience for a competitive fighting videogame match (multiple broadcasts)

merengue lesson / touchscreen display / casino chip mosaic / alcoholic mixed drink / hula hoop spun (female) / dice word / synthetic lawn complex / LEGO brick stage set replica / landfill site (area) / projected videogame display / hacker convention / free standing advertising sign / slot machine win / theatre stage / glass sculpture / floor area of polished marble tiles / stage hydraulic lift system underwater / object removed from human skull / digital videogame display / denomination gaming token / consumer electronics show / memory stick for the PlayStation Portable / Ultimate Fighting Championship television audience / Burning Man festival / sand art / freehand drawing / fuzzy dice / firework rocket / margarita / handheld game console party / timepiece
New Hampshirepermanent LEGO Minifigure-scale installation / videogame arcade (current) / simultaneous launch of canoes or kayaks
New Jerseydemolition / gathering of people wearing a tennis outfit / display of sandwich wraps / collection of oversized display perfume bottles (factices) / parade of canoes or kayaks / gathering of people dressed as butterflies / gathering of people dressed as Jay and Silent Bob / table tennis ball mosaic (flag) / collection of hand puppets / rotorcraft / vertical farm / bunker (trap) for golf / crop circle / glass bottle hand blown / collection of beer cans / drop on a rollercoaster made of steel / musical instrument ever / collection of candy dispensers / Donkey Kong high-score competition / collection of pizza-related items / people blowing the shofar / tilefish fish caught in competition / conger eel caught in competition / chicken egg
New Mexicomass grave for a dinosaur / balloon with a human on board / collection of Slinky toys / foot rotation (female) / hustle dance
New Yorkcollection of pizza boxes / collection of mermaid-related items / collection of spoon-rests / collection of Garfield memorabilia / collection of Sesame Street memorabilia / collection of drumsticks autographed / collection of gift cards / collection of menus / collection of pearls discovered / display of toothpick sculptures / display of origami elephants / guitar collection sold at a charity auction / concentration of domain names

gathering of people dressed as Madonna / gathering of religious leaders / gathering of world leaders / gathering of people dressed as Lucy Ricardo / LGBTQ march / attendance at a single-day sporting event / inflatable parade / damaru ensemble / streetdance performance / Segway riding lesson / pride charity run / attendance at a classical concert / environmental fundraising event / chorus line in a single theatre performance / musical saw ensemble / bugle ensemble / Soul Train dance / Harlem Shake

architectural projection-mapped game / game of Old McDonald Had A Farm / multiplayer game on a single screen / prize pool for an esports tournament (single-player game) / payout for a single player in an esports tournament / screen on a Star Wars arcade cabinet

Star Wars toothpick sculpture / cork sculpture / popcorn sculpture / pumpkin sculpture

milkshake / filled doughnut / bagel / gingerbread village / serving of green bean casserole / serving of mashed potato / serving of mangu

museum (items on display) / statue (domestic) / cinema by seat capacity / prison ship / jail / wooden dome house / passive building / synagogue / museum (by items on display) / opera house / cathedral / drive-in cinema by people capacity / cinema (by seat capacity) / passenger carrying capacity for a ship / bookshop / flying boat in commercial operation / railway station by number of platforms

mobile cosplay costume based on a videogame (single person) / mobile superhero cosplay costume (single person) / brick in LEGO Worlds / re-enactment of PAC-Man

herd of white deer / crayon / hammock / monotype print / jack o’lantern / landfill reclamation project / paper fortune teller (origami) / pencil / Olympic torch replica / human jigsaw puzzle piece / origami swan / motorized shopping trolley / cluster of francium atoms made in a laboratory / 3D-printed skeleton / 3D robotic billboard / fossil dig / snow-plough blade / meteorite exhibited by a museum / white collar crime / star ruby / single bequest / waist / trade publisher / bubblegum bubble blown (assisted) / refuse tip / animal sound archive / drum set / donation of haircare products in 24 hours / bra word / perpetual calendar clock / gift (statue) / magic society / working light switch / auction of comic books / illusion ever staged / tennis racket / known gold repository / piece of natural spider silk / grand slam tennis fine / origami dragon / human playing card / matzah ball / ice maze / menorah / floating line of canoes and kayaks / temporary stage / watering can
North Carolinagathering of heart transplant recipients / collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia / walk-through zoo / donation of toys in 24 hours / ice cream making lesson / knitted and crocheted stocking / object unboxed / paint brush mosaic of an image / carved ruby / beer tap takeover / PlayStation 3 cluster / vegetarian burger / ant farm / biscuit or cookie / collection of back scratchers / gathering of Elvis impersonators / gathering of people wearing sweatbands / helicopter formation flight / toppling domino stone / tomtate grunt fish caught in competition
North Dakotametal sculpture / wooden baseball bat
Ohiodragline excavator / free floating soap bubble (indoors) / collection of Ghostbusters memorabilia / basket-shaped building / oven lighter / kilt race (sports kilt) / soap bubble tornado / jumble sale ever / aluminium foil ball / chicken dance / soap bubble volcano / attendance at a bodybuilding event / free standing illuminated star / geode / operating shovel / drop on a rollercoaster floorless design / drop on a rollercoaster inverted design / bar chimes / collection of Mickey Mouse memorabilia / collection of talking clocks / collection of trolls / free floating soap bubble (outdoors) / gathering of people dressed as penguins / Hot Wheels loop-the-loop / traditional Irish dance / modelling balloon sculpture by an individual / pumpkin pie / square dance / ping pong bat / toilet roll / vacuum chamber / yo-yo / tyre deadlift / weight lifted by Turkish get-up in a 24 hours (male) / unassisted squat weight lifted (male) / elephant bar deadlift (male, female) / goose egg / weight endured on an Iron Maiden bed of nails / squash
Oklahomasingle dose of LSD administered / skull of a land animal / human image of a lightning bolt / pizza party / collection of Avatar – The Last Airbender universe memorabilia / collection of bricks / sock word / individual dinosaur skull / measured tornado / gathering of Wild West artists / paper ball fight / pair of bib overalls / parade of fire trucks
Oregonmammal to explode (forced) / sheep / uncrewed ship / attendance for a virtual business conference in one week / fungus / sea cave / bioluminescent organism / Irish coffee (hot) / cinnamon roll / collection of firefighter’s patches / hamburger commercially available / organism / one repetition sumo deadlift
Pennsylvaniasimultaneous self-check for testicular cancer / collection of Chevrolet memorabilia / pendulum wave machine / convention for a single videogame / Ouija board / tarot card / collection of Futurama memorabilia / collection of Christmas tree stands / chocolate nut bar / collection of toy rings / wedding cookie table / collection of ingested objects / bottle-to-bottle recycling plant (by capacity) / weed colony / collection of teabag labels / piñata by volume / gathering of furries / pierogi / architecture lesson / mural of kisses / architectural videogame display / golf ball pyramid / baseball / bobblehead / individual chocolate / collection of rainbow-related items / game of gaga ball / human animal image / ice lantern display / double helix structure / parade of Jeeps / robot dance
Rhode Islandgourd / mobile cosplay costume (single person) / hurdy gurdy / sock
South Carolinablanket fort / human image of a safety vest / towel sculpture / collection of buttons / cargo aircraft formation from a single base / collection of telephones / collection of toasters / iced tea / living cat / paint brush
South Dakotacoprolite from a carnivore / most complete T-rex skeleton / collection of Swamp Thing memorabilia / Triceratops skeleton / steam-powered tractor
Tennesseebird table (feeder) / watermelon / singing lesson / attendance at an American Football game / collection of modern human skeletons / gathering of people wearing duct tape / doormat / trick roping loop (male) / frozen beverage / Mexican wave / gathering of people wearing mismatched socks / computer programming lesson (multiple venues) / collection of tuba-related items / training programme of forensic education / clarinet ensemble / weight lifted with both eye sockets (female)
Texascollection of Care Bears memorabilia / collection of autographed baseballs / collection of US Presidential memorabilia / collection of Sonic the Hedgehog memorabilia / collection of miniature paintings / collection of Xbox items / collection of Aquaman memorabilia / collection of Nintendo items / collection of Sega items / collection of PlayStation items / collection of LCD gaming systems / collection of videogames / collection of playable gaming systems / collection of tea bag holders / collection of Poison Ivy memorabilia

gathering of people dressed as turkeys / attendance at an NBA regular season game / attendance at a WWE live event / attendance at a regular season NFL game / attendance at a basketball game / class with perfect attendance / computer programming lesson / artificial intelligence programming lesson / tinikling dance / Stop, Drop & Roll demonstration / free Local Area Network party / parade of Harley Davidson motorcycles / parade of toy red wagons / parade of RAM vehicles / “YMCA” dance / huapango dance / singing bowl ensemble / simultaneous Hindu text recital / annual coastal clean-up project

championships for mountain man throwing / beard and moustache competition / pickleball tournament / toy pistol fight / Wii Sports Bowling Tournament / palometa fish caught in competition / person to complete an ultra marathon / game of knockout basketball / striped mullet fish caught in competition / Atlantic stingray caught in competition

piece of toffee / candy-floss (cotton candy) sculpture / box of toaster pastries / butter sculpture / pie (pecan) / chocolate truffle / Frito pie / gingerbread house / pizza commercially available / serving of chilli con carne

belt buckle / Bowie knife / cowboy boot sculpture / urban bat colony / diaper cake / neutral buoyancy pool / human image of a cowboy hat / hat mosaic of a logo / horn spread on a cow living / collegiate merchandise store / libel damages awarded (individual) / tumor ever operated / electric guitar / bat colony (current) / fishing rod / aerial sentence formed by drones / aerial display by drones / expert system / millipede specimen / drive-in cinema by car capacity / feet on a living person (female) / development team for a 3D platform videogame / ball of string / balloon blown through another person’s nose / book published / brick / garden spade / free-standing hangar / hi-definition television screen at a sporting venue / illuminated advertising sign (indoors) / make-up painting / single e-commerce transaction / snow cone / spur / Twister mat / ball of dog hair / hotel re-located / bitcoin fraud
Utahcircular projection / parade of quad bikes (ATVs) / gathering of organ transplant recipients / game of Follow the Leader / display of origami horses / collection of duct tape / Mormon temple / manmade excavation / collection of shark-related items / slot canyon / bunny hop / foot rotation / game of Simon Says / gathering of people dressed as comic book characters / gathering of people wearing undergarments / horn circumference on a bull ever / macaroni and cheese / religious data base / sleeping bag / tonsils
Vermontcollection of fortune cookie fortunes / s’more / collection of cookie cutters / ball of stickers / astronomy lesson / parade of Cadillacs / snow softball tournament
Virginiacupcake / natural underground musical instrument / prison breakout from death row / collection of LEGO Star Wars interlocking plastic brick sets / photo collage / spleen removed / collection of Funko Pop figurines / switchboard / pleasure beach / administrative building / Santa Claus run / collection of beaver related items / kugel / ship sunk intentionally / simultaneous yo-yo played / butternut squash / catfish caught in competition / snowy grouper fish caught in competition
Washingtoncollection of spatulas / gathering of zoo professionals / streetball tournament / run-of-the-river hydroelectric power station / structure demolished (by volume) / modern-day landslide / mudflow from a volcano / factory (by volume) / display of illuminated Christmas trees / online shop / parade of electric bicycles / single first prize in an eSports tournament / collection of matchbook covers / underground house / ginseng root / kettlebell exercise class / collection of Goofy (Walt Disney) memorabilia / collection of beer bottles / collection of Converse shoes / digital graphic / hayride / raindrops / slot machine competition
West Virginiapackaged food word / tongue circumference (male) / gathering of people wearing unicorn horns / fully moveable motor-driven structure on land / collection of flamingo-related items
Wisconsindeadlift to bodyweight (female) / log jam / lawn mower parade / LEGO brick word / display of painted windows / vinyl floor mat / attendance at a boxing match (non-paying) / collection of angel-related items / hanging macramé / gummy mosaic (image) / grilled cheese sandwich / cheese platter / civilian formation flight / collection of Conan the Barbarian memorabilia / collection of Winnie the Pooh memorabilia / collection of Smurf memorabilia / collection of stubby holders / human image of a cross / human water skiing pyramid formation / neckerchief and woggle / refracting telescope / scoop of ice cream / whip cracked / weight lifted by Turkish get-up in one hour (female)
Wyomingconcentration of geysers / hydrothermal explosion crater / swing dance

The Most Weird Biggest Thing in Each State

Out of all the biggest things in each state; the following are probably the most weird ones, if any (used in the above US map):

StateMost Weird Biggest Thing
AlabamaNerf blaster
ArizonaUFO convention
Arkansascollection of ice cream freezers
Californiaflock of birds to invade a house
Coloradodog wedding ceremony
Connecticutwedding cake
District of Columbiatoilet roll tube sculpture
Floridaball of human hair
Georgiaplate inserted in human skull
Hawaiilens in a lighthouse
Idahotoy car sentence
Illinoisobject removed from stomach
Indianahigh heel race
Iowapickleball paddle
Kansashuman-made crop picture
KentuckyWater balloon fight
Louisianaprison farm
Mainerevolving globe
Marylandvideogame map made of LEGO
Massachusettschicken nugget
Michigancollection of Snow White memorabilia
Minnesotagathering of people with moustaches
Mississippiwatermelon eating competition
Missourihot dog cart
Montanatesticle festival
Nebraskaice cream sandwich
Nevadahacker convention
New Hampshiregame arcade
New Jerseychicken egg
New Mexicocollection of Slinky toys
New Yorkcrayon
North Carolinavegetarian burger
North Dakotawooden baseball bat
Ohiochicken dance
Oklahomapizza party
Rhode Islandsock
South Carolinaliving cat
South Dakotacollection of Swamp Thing memorabilia
Tennesseegathering of people wearing duct tape
Texasdiaper cake
Utahmacaroni and cheese
Vermontball of stickers
Virginiaprison breakout from death row
Washingtonunderground house
West Virginiagathering of people wearing unicorn horns
Wisconsinlawn mower parade
Wyomingconcentration of geysers


Those are the relatively biggest things each US state has. Some of the most weird stuff (which you may not expect) include the following:

  • In 1998 in Pasadena, California; over a thousand swifts flew down a chimney which made this the largest flock of birds to invade a house ever.
  • The biggest high heel race in the world happened in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2010 which included 967 participants in the event.
  • Montana is home to the largest testicle festival in the world where actual bull testicles are served to the event visitors.
  • The largest diaper cake consists of 50,112 diapers and was built in Cedar Park, Texas in 2020.
  • Florida had the largest ball of human hair in 2021 which weighed around 102 kg (225 lb).
  • Colorado witnessed the largest dog ‘wedding’ ceremony in 2007 which included 178 dog pairs.
  • The biggest gathering of people wearing duct tape happened in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2014 including 752 participants.

It’s worth noting that Delaware is the only state that doesn’t seem to have any huge items compared to other states.

We hope this information about the Guinness records of biggest things in US states was entertaining for you.

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