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How to Use this Height Comparison Calculator

The calculator is actually simple to use. Here is a little description about what’s included in the tool:

  • Name – The figure’s name obviously makes it easier to differentiate between the various figures on the chart
  • Age – You want to state how old the person is as the silhouette to show is based primarily on the age (along with gender)
  • Gender – The person’s gender also determines the type of silhouette that’s shown on the graph
  • Height – You can choose to input the figure’s height in imperial units (ft/in) or metric (cm) depending on your preference
  • Color – There are 10 different colors to choose from for the figures which helps to recognize each one
  • Checkbox – This is simply to allow you to hide the height/line above the figures if you want
  • Chart – This showcases the actual height comparison between the figures which are represented by silhouettes including the name/height above each figure
  • Edit Box – You can here edit the name/height of each figure and even remove the figure from the graph if needed

Please note also that it’s possible to remove the name above figures on the chart. You just need to delete the name inside the edit box after adding a figure.

Here is a great feature you should know about; you may change the positions of figures on the chart by simply dragging them.

Please keep in mind the following maximum limits for the tool:

  • Max height input (30,000 cm / 1,000 ft)
  • Max number of figures on the chart (10 figures)

In order to get the best visual results in the tool, try to do the following:

  • Add the actual name for each figure if applicable
  • Input an accurate age and height for each figure
  • Access the tool from a computer or large tablet if possible
  • When using a mobile device, make the view horizontal (i.e. landscape orientation)

In case you want to do accurate height measurements at home, you can use a tool like an adhesive ruler or measuring rod.

What’s Unique About this Height Comparison Tool

All height comparison calculators that are available online fall into one of three kinds with respect to their silhouettes:

  • Has two silhouettes total, by gender (i.e. one for male and another for female)
  • Has three silhouettes total (i.e. one for each of man, woman and child)
  • Has different silhouettes based on the gender and height (e.g. toddler girl silhouette for 3′ female)

Our height comparison tool distinction is that the silhouettes used are based on the gender along with the age rather than the height. In fact, it’s the first tool to do so ever. For example, a preschool boy silhouette is used for a 5-year-old male, no matter the height.

This age-based feature makes the tool much more accurate and realistic visually. Because there are kids who are very tall and adults who are very short.

height comparison chart with figures

Why People Like to Compare Heights

Comparing the heights of people is just a fun thing to do. You can use a height comparison tool for the following:

  • Compare your height to your spouse or siblings
  • Compare your height to your favorite celebrity
  • Compare the heights of your kids or grandchildren
  • Compare the heights of your friends or relatives
  • Compare the heights of anime characters
  • Compare the heights of celebrities (e.g. actors or sports stars)

Also, the tool is quite useful to artists. They can visualize the heights of their characters standing next to each other.

In addition, some individuals might want to get taller after puberty. They could use the tool to compare their current height and desired height (or past height) in order to see the difference.

Of course, comparing heights using an online tool is fast and easy. If you have ever tried to manually do what the tool does, then you already know it’s very time consuming. Just the mere work of scaling the silhouettes on the graph based on the height is a big headache.


Whether you want to compare your height to another person or the heights of other individuals, this accurate online calculator will help you out. You just need to input a few data about the person (i.e. gender, age and height) to see the representative silhouette on the chart.

If you would like to actually get taller, there are some height growth supplements that can help.

Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions, complaints or questions about the tool. We certainly welcome any ideas to improve it.

By the way, in case you want to find the adult height of any kid, you can use this dandy calculator to get the answer.